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Online Rewards FAQs

Click the "Member Login" link in the upper right hand corner tab. This can be located on any page of the site. From there you will be taken to a secure login page. Enter your account email address and password and you will be logged in with Full Access and re-directed to the previous page you were on that required authentication. Full Access allows you to manage every aspect of your account. Full access is noted by the closed lock icon in the upper right hand corner.
In order to shop you must be logged in with Limited Access or Full Access. Access status can be noted by either an open or closed lock icon in the upper right hand corner of the site to the right of your email address. If you do not see this icon, you are not logged in and should follow the direction in the "How to Login" FAQ. There are several ways to see Online Rewards Merchants. One method is to click the "Online Rewards" link in the primary navigation bar. This will take you to an index page that sows all Online Rewards Merchants. Once there you have several options to search by category, merchant name, merchant search or product search. Once the merchant information is displayed, you will see a "Shop Now" link designated by an arrow pointing to the right. By clicking that link you will be taken to the merchants site. Any purchase you make from that merchants site will be applied to your account.
To manage your account click the "My Account" link nested in the tab located in the upper right hand corner. You will require full access to gain entrance into this area. You will be prompted for authentication if you do not have full access noted by the closed lock.

The first tab is My Rewards. This is a current snapshot of your Rewards history. Depending on the mall you are a member of you will also see redemption options.
The second tab is My Purchases. This where you will see your entire purchase history detail including merchant, date, amount of invoice and amount earned. If you don't see a purchase you made, submit a request using the form at the bottom of the page. We will contact the merchant on your behalf and try to locate your purchase information. You may also leave feedback for the merchants you have purchased through by clicking the feedback icon and completing the short form. We encourage members to use this feature as it will assist other members deciding on merchants.
The third tab is My Profile. This is where you update your personal information. Filling out all of this information will help us server our members better with account related issues.
The fourth tab is My E-Alerts. This is where you switch on and off the different promotional emails that are sent out such as Newsletters, Hot Specials and other promotions.
The fifth tab is My Date Book. This is a convenient tool designed to send you email reminders of events. They can be one time events or recurring. Simply fill out the form and submit.
Every account is distinguished by a unique email address. Only one email address per account is allowed. You technically can have multiple accounts by signing up using different email addresses. You will have to log in and out of each account to have the Rewards applied to the desired account the purchase was made through. We do not support the redistribution of Rewards for members with multiple accounts. The account the purchase was made under is the account that will be awarded the Rewards. No exceptions will be made with respects to this scenario. We will not merge accounts for members with multiple accounts.
Log into the mall and proceed to the "My Account" section. Under the "My Profile" tab you will see an option to cancel your account. After clicking that link you will be prompted to confirm your decision to avoid accidental account cancellation. Once your account is canceled you will be logged out of the mall and your account will be removed.
E-Alerts are emails that go out either for promotional purposes or system generated emails. You will receive E-Alerts whenever you are awarded rewards from a purchase. You will receive another E-Alert when those rewards become active. You will also receive a variety of promotional E-Alerts. These are for special promotions that are provided by our merchants. These E-Alerts can be turned on or off within the "My Account" section of the site under the "E-Alerts" tab.
Earning Rewards: Each merchant is different, but earnings should post as pending in your account within 14 days. If you do not see a credit or a credit hold in your account history within 14 days, please file a Point Request Ticket located in the "My Account" section and we will investigate with the merchant. Rewards are on hold 45 days from date of purchase. This is to detour fraud and provide for cancellations of credits by the merchants.
Redeeming Rewards: Following 45 days of purchases, your Rewards will become available for use. All redemptions must be made within the "My Account" section of the site. You may elect to receive a check for the total or partial amount of your rewards. There is a $10 minimum required for this feature. You may elect to transfer the total or partial amount of your rewards to your PayPal account. There is a $10 minimum required for this feature and will require an active PayPal account. You may also donate your rewards to one of the listed charities. Some sites may have other donation options including donating to the station you are affilated with.
Whenever you make a purchase that required you to fulfill a reservation, you will not receive rewards until the reservation has been fulfilled. This applies to airfare, cruise, hotel and rental car reservations. Although we make every effort to award Rewards on all qualified purchases, we cannot pay out if the merchant does not pay us. In this unlikely scenario after reasonable investigation we cannot obtain credit from the merchant, your account will not be credited. Here are some reasons that may result in no rewards being earned.
1) You cancelled a product/service before receiving credit.
2) You added an item to your cart at the merchants site and then logged into the rewards mall and returned to the merchants site. In this scenario the merchant does not see the purchase as being referred by the mall. If you are shopping on a merchants site and realize you did not enter that merchants site through the rewards mall, remove all items from your cart, delete your cookies and return to the merchants site from the link within the mall and continue shopping to receive your Rewards.
3) The item you purchased from the merchant was excluded from the rewards program. Some merchants exclude items such as laptops and low margin products such as Best Buy does not pay rewards on laptops. Most of these are defined in the merchant description.
If the merchant accepts payment and ships to your country you can use the Online Rewards program. However your redemption options are limited. Currently only US residents can apply for an Earn and Spend Discover Card. This means your only redemption methods are donation.

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