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The Final Four: UNC-Chapel Hill v. Oregon and South Carolina v. Gonzaga ›
Stare hard at your March Madness brackets because the weekend is over and we are down to the Final Four: When South Carolina faces Gonzaga in the NCAA final four playoffs in Arizona on Saturday, it will be the first time both the seventh-seeded Gamecocks and the No. 1 seeded Bulldogs have played their way into the semifinals. The Oregon Ducks, which haven't been to the final four since they won the very first tournament back in 1939, will have to outplay the UNC Tarheels who were last in the Final Four, well, last year, and has, according to the Los Angeles Times , made more Final Four appearances than any other team. A lot of unexpected teams in the mix this year and many people didn't see the basketballs bouncing this way, including Gary Parrish of CBS Sports : I had Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas and UCLA heading to Phoenix. So this is not the Final Four I expected. But let's be honest. This is not the Final Four you expected either. South Carolina? Who had South Carolina winning the East?
Mon, 27 Mar 2017 05:38:00 +0000
Author Finds A Counter-Narrative Of Equality In Adam And Eve Story ›
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: Bruce Feiler has gained an enormous following for his bestselling books and popular television programs and Ted talks for his ability to help people encounter the biblical story in fresh ways. For his latest book, he's asking readers to rethink what may be one of the most challenging Bible stories for many modern people to accept, the creation story of Adam and Eve and everything that story has come to mean - the weakness and disobedience of women, the source of all the evils of the world. It's called "The First Love Story: Adam, Eve, And Us" and in it, Feiler makes the provocative argument that the first couple can be considered as the representation of reconciliation and forgiveness in a time of division and hate. And Bruce Feiler is with us now from our bureau in New York. Bruce Feiler, thank you so much for speaking with us once again. BRUCE FEILER: It's my pleasure, Michel. Thank you for having me. MARTIN: So first, could
Sun, 26 Mar 2017 22:27:00 +0000
U.S. Acknowledges Mosul Airstrikes That Residents Say Killed More Than 100 Civilians ›
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: News from Iraq where residents say an American airstrike killed more than 100 civilians in western Mosul. If confirmed, it will have been the deadliest attack by the U.S. since it began fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria in 2014. We called The Washington Post's Baghdad bureau chief Loveday Morris to hear more about this. She's been reporting on the Middle East for a number of years now, and we reached her in Erbil today which is in northern Iraq via Skype. Loveday Morris, thank you so much for speaking with us. LOVEDAY MORRIS: Hi, no problem. MARTIN: So what happened in Mosul as far as you know? MORRIS: There's a neighborhood of Mosul called Mosul al-jida (ph). Iraqi forces were advancing on that neighborhood about a week ago. There was heavy bombardment. We had heard a lot of reports that there were a lot of airstrikes and artillery strikes and a lot of families stuck under the rubble there. But it's only been more
Sun, 26 Mar 2017 22:27:00 +0000
Words You'll Hear: Freedom Caucus' Role In Health Care Bill Withdrawal ›
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: Now for the regular segment we call Words You'll Hear. That's where we try to understand stories we'll be hearing more about in the coming days by parsing some of the words associated with them. Today our word or phrase is Freedom Caucus, also known as the House Freedom Caucus. You probably heard about it during the failed - during the health care debate. The Republican-backed bill failed in the House of Representatives, largely because members of the Freedom Caucus refused to support it. Just this morning, President Trump tweeted that Democrats are smiling because the Republican Freedom Caucus helped save Obamacare. So if you're wondering what exactly it is and what the members want, Domenico Montanaro is here to explain. He's NPR's lead editor for Politics. Welcome back. Thanks so much for coming. DOMENICO MONTANARO, BYLINE: Hi there, Michel. MARTIN: So what exactly is the House Freedom Caucus? Who's in it? MONTANARO: So
Sun, 26 Mar 2017 22:27:00 +0000
Concerns After Texas School Opens 'Prayer Room' That's Attracting Muslim Students ›
Copyright 2017 KERA. To see more, visit KERA . MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: Now to the first of two stories we're bringing you today on matters of faith. First, to Texas where we'll hear about a high school classroom that's being used as a prayer room, a move that's drawn the attention of the Texas attorney general. The school district says students have been praying in the room for years without complaints. Now it's causing educators to think about how public schools accommodate students and their faith. From member station KERA in Dallas, Stella Chavez reports. UNIDENTIFIED MAN: (Foreign language spoken). STELLA CHAVEZ, BYLINE: It's Friday afternoon inside a classroom at Liberty High School. UNIDENTIFIED MAN: (Foreign language spoken). CHAVEZ: About a dozen Muslim students are there to pray. Girls wear hijabs, and everyone has their shoes off. They spend the next 15 minutes in prayer. Not everyone thinks this is a good idea. At a recent school board meeting, parent Tim Boyer spoke out. TIM
Sun, 26 Mar 2017 22:27:00 +0000


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